We work for you continuously in Finland and in Spain.

Who We Are

We are family-owned Company of Real Estate Consultants.
If needed, we can act as commercial advisors too!

We partner only with reliable Real Estate Companies of professionals in both countries with extensive experience and references from happy buyers!

Therefore We can and We will help you find the right homes, apartments or plots of land –

Exactly what will be suitable right for you!

It is large investment and it has to be right and has to feel right also!

Location has to be right and the price and the age and the number of bathrooms and bedrooms and a ton of other may be smaller, but nevertheless not less important things have to right.

And we will help you find them.

Defending the interests of the client who is looking to buy or sell the property is a task that realtor does NOT undertake fully – the main motto of real estate agent is “if you want – take it, if you don’t want, don’t take it- No problem we will find another buyer or seller” The consultant, being always on the side of the client who hired him, and knowing that the owner (seller) and the client are always antagonists in their relationship, will help to come to a compromise in such a way that the terms of the contract suit everyone, but mostly the party that hired him.
A lawyer always participates in negotiations together with a consultant and provides professional protection of the client’s interests.

We constantly monitor and select properties and quality material for you and keep it all current and accessible. We maintain connections with the best and most reliable builders in Costa Blanca, Alicante area and so you can be sure that you get the best for your money.